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The YellowJackets’ domination of this weekend’s NCAA Tournament was largely due to the play of senior midfielder Max Fan, who scored the team’s first goal against SUNY Institute of Technology and Oberlin College. The Connecticut native hopes to end his time at UR in the best way possible: by winning the NCAA Championship next month in San Antonio, Tex.

Why did you come to UR?

I came to make some history for the men’s soccer program. And I heard the frat quad was bangin’, but apparently they’re not down with that anymore.

What is your favorite memory so far as a member of the soccer team?

My favorite memory is going to Germany after freshman year. We scrimmaged German teams, saw a professional game, traveled across Germany, and sampled the local brews.

Who has been your biggest mentor for soccer?

Definitely [former UR soccer player] Chris Blivin. The guy’s an inspiration. He found a way to get after it even though he [never played]. A true DIII hero. I aspire to look, act, but definitely not play like him everyday of my life.

Do you have a different mentality going into a postseason game compared to the regular season?

No, I’ve just found myself in good positions lately and have made the most of the situations because I’m clutch. I play better in the postseason because the extra pressure gets me going.

What is one piece of advice you wish you had known before your career at UR?

Up the boozin’ and down the losin’. And don’t take yourself too seriously.

As a senior, do you feel pressure knowing that every game you play could potentially be your last?

Not a chance. You just have to enjoy every moment, and I’m going to get mine. If it’s over, it’s over. You can’t think of the end before you’re ready, and we have a national championship to win.

What adjustments, if any, do you think the team should make to advance next weekend in the Sweet 16?

None. We’re playing pretty hot, and I think we’re set up well to go hard at every team that thinks they can hang with us.

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