One of the greatest delights on a weekend is going to Magnolia’s Deli & Cafe. Located at 366 Park Ave., this deli offers delicious food and a pleasant atmosphere that allows for a place families and friends can enjoy.

Magnolia’s most recent claim to fame is service of President Barack Obama. Upon walking in, customers are immediately informed of the Presidential Meal: half a grilled cheese and their signature tomato artichoke soup.

Aside from the obvious multitude of actual magnolias incorporated into the decor, the walls are colored with murals of sunny, old-fashioned village streets. Several potted plants and white christmas lights are also there to greet people as they enter, creating a friendly atmosphere. Further off, wine glasses hang upside-down from the ceiling and fresh-baked desserts are displayed, enticing viewers to save room in their palettes for a little more. All of these together resemble a comfortable European bistro.

The food itself at Magnolia’s is delicious. There is something on the menu for everyone. Soup, salad, pizza, quiche, and delectable breads and oils satiate wonderfully.
Perhaps the most frustrating thing about Magnolias is the fact that it’s hard to pick just one thing on the menu. Not only that, but once you do, you eat so much that you have hardly any room left for desserts. Additionally, not everyone may be willing to spend $9.25 on a sandwich, but the amount of food and the amazing taste make the money well worth spending.

Just get off the Orange Line at East Avenue and Alexander to enjoy all of the dining glories that Magnolias has to offer.

McAdams is a member of the class of 2017.

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