GlobeMed hosted a 5k run at Genesee Valley Park, which had almost 60 participants, last Saturday. The group donated proceeds from the run to its partner in Iquitos, Peru, also partnering with The Community Place (TCP) and Transforming Lives Worldwide (TLW) Group, philanthropic organizations based in Rochester. The event successfully raised over $2,000 that will go toward relief efforts in Iquitos.

TCP funded the event and raffled off gift baskets, such as a studying basket and a gym basket. In addition, both organizations provided volunteers to help spearhead the run.

GlobeMed first developed a relationship with TCP when the club volunteered at an event hosted by the organization last year on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. GlobeMed members foudn themselves impressed by the group’s far-reaching effect.

“We realized they were doing really innovative grassroots work in their neighborhoods,” GlobeMed co-president and senior Ria Pal said. “We wanted to continue being involved with them.”

To participate, students paid a $15 registration fee. Participants then met at Genesee Valley Park and made three loops around the course. All of the runners received a medal for their participation in the charity run.

Each summer, the program sends interested club members to help with projects, plan for future projects, and budget them. This allows for the partnership to be strengthened.

The proceeds will go towards current relief efforts in Iquitos, which include adding trash cans and streetlights, to offering reproductive health classes, to providing access to clean water.

“Our goal is for the projects to eventually reach self-sustainability,” co-director of communications and sophomore Karen Fu said.

Overall, GlobeMed expressed its excitement with the outcome of the event.

According to Fu, participants “had fun,” which helped with the event’s success.

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