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Why did you come to UR?

I chose UR because of the team and my coach. The team is like a family here, and I knew that if I attended UR, my teammates would become my best friends, which they are. My coach is another huge reason that I am here. He has been a great role model and phenomenal coach. [Playing at] Oak Hill is also a nice perk of being on the golf team.

What is your favorite part about golf?

The fact that it cannot be perfected. No matter how good you are and how many tournaments you win, you can always be better.

What is your favorite memory as a golfer at UR?

My favorite memory as a golfer at the UR was this summer representing UR and other Division III schools at the Monroe Championship. I won in a playoff over a kid from Duke University. I was one of three DIII golfers in the field and was able to beat all of the DI players, proving that DIII golf is no joke. Representing our school and our golf program was an honor and something I will never forget.

What are your goals going into the spring season?

My goals going into this spring are to continue the success I had going throughout the fall. I played well except for one round and would like to keep my consistent play rolling through the spring.

How do you prepare for a big event?

I prepare for a big event by hitting on the range and finding a go-to shot. The day before the tournament, I will play a practice round to map out the course, hitting different shots on every hole for different possible tee shots or pin locations. After the round, I will hit on the range to ingrain the feeling that I want. Then I putt for anywhere from an hour to three hours to really get the speed of the greens and gain confidence for the first round of the tournament the next day.

Who has been your biggest influence as a golfer?

Coach Dan Wesley. He is a huge reason I am at UR, and he has done everything he can to help take my game to the next level. He has been a great role model on and off the course, and I am very grateful for the opportunity to play golf under his leadership.

What has been your favorite course to play?

This is a toss up. Oak Hill’s course is unbelievable because it is always in perfect condition, and there are years of tradition at that club. This summer, I was fortunate enough to play in the Western Amateur at the Alotian Club in Little Rock, Ark. Every hole had a breathtaking view and presented a challenge.

What aspect of your game do you consider to be strongest?

My ball striking is the best aspect of my game by far. I average 15 greens in regulation, which means I have 15 birdie putts each round. Not all of these are makeable, but it is a lot easier to make birdies when you are putting then when you are trying to get up and down from a missed green in regulation.

What advice would you give to younger players looking to succeed in collegiate golf?

Make it an enjoyable aspect of your life. If you try to play a college sport and don’t enjoy every minute of it, you will not get the full experience of playing. Loving what you do is what makes you good at the sport. If I did not love golf the way I do, I would not play in college.

Shapiro is a member of the class of 2016.


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