1. A Public Safety officer saw a car traveling southbound on Joseph C. Wilson Boulevard when the car left the road and parked on the grassy area near Hill Court.

The officer identified the driver as a campus employee who told the officer that he had fallen asleep while driving.

The driver was alone and there were no injuries, but the car did sustain four flat tires.
Rochester Police officers responded to the scene, and the car was later towed.

SAM brothers discover broken window

2. Senior Tom Gilroy, president of Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity, contacted Public Safety after discovering a broken window in the stairwell between the second and third floors of the house.

After investigating, the reporting officer found that the window was broken from the inside of the house, evidenced by the metal frame being pulled outward. Residents of the SAM house did not know who had broken the window or how it was broken.

No one was injured, and officers contacted Facilities to repair the window.

Eastman student reports missing purse

3. A student at the Eastman School of Music reported a missing purse after placing it in a locker and leaving it unlocked for some time.

She told reporting officers that her purse had contained her UR ID card, iPhone, room key, and other personal items.

The student received a new ID and was advised to file a report with the Rochester Police Department.

Student loses Kindle

4. An undergraduate reported her Kindle missing from a classroom in Meliora Hall.

The student had been in a classroom on the second floor when she took her Kindle out of her backpack. The student then decided to sit somewhere else. After a while, the student realized she did not have her Kindle and went back to Meliora but could not find it in the room.

The student then filed a police report with the Rochester Police Department.

Chong is a member of the class of 2015.
Information provided by UR Public Safety.

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