Paris Hilton, heiress to the renowned Hilton legacy, is switching music industries. The 32-year-old, controversial celebrity has begun to DJ and produce electronic dance music, much to the dismay of EDM fans worldwide.

Hilton made her DJ debut at the Pop Music Festival in Brazil, where she showcased her new single, “Last Night.” She received incredibly harsh criticism and stark negative reviews on her YouTube videos, not only from the public, but renowned DJs such as Deadmau5, Samantha Ronson, and Afrojack. Despite this, her performance at the event in Brazil gained positive reviews from DJ Poet as well the crowd at the festival. In fact, in the aftermath of her performance, she even trended on Twitter.

Her positive reviews were short-lived, however, and today, Paris Hilton’s DJ career remains a topic of disgust and a point of antipathy to the EDM community. Deadmau5, arguably one of the biggest and most important DJs and producers in EDM, dismissed Hilton’s debut as “faux” and part of the abominable “massively marketed cruise ship” that the industry has become.

Truthfully, Deadmau5 recognizes Paris Hilton as a small part of a bigger problem: “Reality stars and famous for nothing celebrities turn into overnight DJ’s and preexisting pop artists and markets dabbling in the ‘EDM’ market to switch up the style using the same old pop business/marketing models.”

Famous Dutch DJ Afrojack, who is incidentally Hilton’s ex-boyfriend, recently produced a series of tracks for her. In a series of radio interviews, he has since expressed his frustration and disapproval of her DJing saying that he was “pissed off” that she had started her career and hinted that her set was pre-recorded, a point of extreme condemnation in the electronic music world.

Afrojack himself has received negative feedback for producing for her in the first place. In the past, he has been subject to criticism for collaborating with mainstream artists such as Chris Brown.

Moreover, the outrage extends beyond just celebrity dissent; EDM fans have taken to the Internet, creating petitions to ban Paris Hilton from the entire industry and beckoning others to pledge to never play one of her tracks in a set or promote any piece of hers.

Hilton appears to be disregarding the staunchly negative feedback, indicated by the recent announcement of her Ibiza residency this past July. Ibiza is well known as a summer vacation spot for the world’s greatest DJs and producers, and Hilton’s nightly performances, titled “Foam & Diamonds hosted by Paris Hilton,” were naturally met with abhorrence.

The star has since returned from her escapades in Europe and month-long stay at the iconic nightclub Amnesia and was sighted with over a dozen tightly-packed bags. Much to the world of dance music’s disappointment, Amnesia has apparently re-signed Hilton for 2014, demonstrating that her DJ streak has yet to meet its end.

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