Rochester Men's Club Lacrosse

Courtesy of Peter Shade

The men’s club lacrosse team has overcome its share of adversity. Since losing its status as a varsity team many years ago, the players have successfully brought the sport back as a club team, and they are working as hard as ever since its founding just one year ago.
Senior Samuel Marchetti serves as president, and senior James Karol is the vice president. The leadership on the team and the combined effort of all of the players have helped the Yellowjackets grow significantly.
The Yellowjackets have been working hard on and off the field to support their expanding team.
On the field, the men’s club lacrosse players practice five times a week, and many play for fun in their free time. Dedicated sophomore Peter Schade can be seen in Fauver Stadium, shooting on the net, playing wall ball, or running sprints.
Off the field, members of the team sold Rochester lacrosse snapbacks, which were a huge hit, especially with the varsity women’s lacrosse team.
The club lacrosse team plays games against other club teams within New York, such as RIT. The team looks forward to an exciting and successful spring season.

  Kilbridge is a member of the class of 2015.

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