A blood pressure gauge.

Courtesy of rochester.edu

Though Valentine’s week is a time of love, we should pay attention to other matters of the heart. People often believe breast cancer to be the leading cause of death for women. However, despite the ubiquity of the cancer, heart disease is the true grim reaper. This fact has led the Alpha Phi sorority to take a hands-on approach to spreading awareness about the disease’s universality through their Heart Health Week program.

Heart health week raises money for the Alpha Phi Foundation, which forwards grants to hospitals with up-and-coming cardiac care and research centers. In addition, the sorority conducts educational and informative sessions for the community about women’s heart health.

This week’s programs, co-sponsored with University Health Services is especially attempting to promote a healthy lifestyle both for female and male students on campus — the philanthropy is reaching out to everyone. Given the hectic life of college students, it’s easy to take shortcuts: fast food, lack of exercise, drinking, and smoking are all common activities for the adolescent, but they also are great contributors to cardiovascular disease. It’s important for students to take some time to recall healthy lifestyle essentials. Sororities, like Alpha Phi, and other organizations — both Greek and non-Greek — do the entire campus a service by promoting these facts in a fun, enjoyable way.

So while you’re spending Valentine’s week worried over your romantic heart, take some time to think about your physical heart. Excercise, eat healthy, and abstain. Most importantly, recognize the seriousness of heart disease.

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