Cuyler J Gauthier, Sports Editor

UR senior middle blocker Alma Guevara, from Van Nuys, Calif., had an outstanding weekend as the women’s volleyball team went 4-0 at a tournament hosted by Rochester Institute of Technology on Friday, Sept. 14 and Saturday, Sept. 15. On her way to being named to the All-Tournament Team, Guevara had a remarkable 46 kills.


What’s your major?

Brain and cognitive sciences (BCS).


When did you start playing volleyball?

I started playing when I was in second grade in gym class.  Then I continued in middle school, where I learned about club volleyball. Then I played for my varsity team in high school.


How do you feel when you are playing?

In the beginning I am a little bit nervous, but also excited.  After the first few points, however, I calm down and focus.


Who helped you get where you are today?

My parents were extremely helpful to me. They were great for academic and athletic support when I needed it.


What’s your favorite thing about UR?

The campus. It is very beautiful and it’s the first thing I notice when I am here. Also, I love the fact that I can study BCS. It is something that is not offered in a lot of schools, and I am glad that I can do that here.


What was your favorite highlight from this weekend’s tournament?

In one of the matches (against Medaille College) we won a game 25-6. But, their six points came off our mistakes. In other words, they did not win a point unless we gave it to them. It was a great game.


If you didn’t play volleyball, what sport would you play?

Ping pong. I love to play it!


Do you have any superstitions or pre-game rituals?

Yes, I have a few. I have two pairs of my “favorite” socks, and I can only wear those when I’m playing. In addition, I must listen to music before the game, and it can only be hip-hop. My other superstition is that my hair must be in a braid the same way every time.


What are your post-college goals?

Hopefully I can get a job doing research somewhere and eventually go to graduate school.

Davis is a member of the class of 2016. 

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