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Derek Murphy, the president of the campus-wide TV station URTV, discusses the future of this recently revamped organization.

What is URTV?

URTV is the only student run and operated television station on campus. It broadcasts to any televisions connected to the campus and it’s filled entirely with student programming.

We shoot, direct, edit and act in all of our own feature programming, and we seek programming from other unaffiliated students and groups. We also film and edit videos for campus groups and sometimes business groups and air them on our station.

Why did URTV go off the air, and are you guys back on air now?

For the past couple of years we’ve been on and off the air depending on the whims of our ancient server. I’m pretty sure it was a series of pulleys and levers that were operated by spiders inside of the hard drive. Recently we ousted the spiders and replaced it with a new server, which was put together by Joe Morris. He worked tireless days and nights bleary-eyed, laboring over it, and now we’ve got it running a lot more smoothly.

What kind of programming is running now, and what kind of programs do you have planned for the future?

We have a large backlog of programming, which was made over the past few years, and we’re constantly filming new material. We still have regular shows such as UR Night Life, a show where we film happenstances on the frat quad.

We also have individual members working on their own programming, and we’re currently seeking new programming from outside sources. People who are not necessarily members of the club but are interested in creating their own programming can set up a deal with us where they can use our equipment and our resources to make a show and we will put their show on the air. In addition I’m making some programs of my own, including an experimental reality show and something that is basically a radio show in video form.

What is something that the university community is missing that URTV can contribute to?

There are currently no other groups besides URTV that will film quality videos of campus events as well as advertising for groups. We’re the only club on campus with film equipment of our own and the expertise to use it. Lately we’ve really been picking up with filming events. For example, we filmed the NJR Millennium Show recently, and there are plans to film other upcoming events.

Is there anything else you think the campus community should know about URTV?

URTV meetings are a great way for people who are new to video production to learn more about it. I myself am a film student and there are other film students in the club along with people who just are highly skilled in video production. We have semi-professional cameras and other high-end equipment that you wouldn’t get a chance to use anywhere else on campus. We are always happy to train people in writing, directing, editing and shooting.

URTV meets at 7:30pm on Thursdays in their luxurious studio on the fourth floor of Rush Rhees. For more information email URTVclub@gmail.com or visit www.urtv4.com

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