UR and Wegmans, two of the top employers in Rochester, have long had a close relationship. Wegmans CEO Danny Wegman spoke at Commencement this year, and UR students are no strangers to the hallowed grocery halls of the local Rochester shopping chain.

However, despite the close relationship UR has with Wegmans, it is time to take it one step closer.

The Wegmans location at Marketplace Mall has recently started allowing Rochester Institute of Technology students to have medical prescriptions delivered directly to campus — no need for students to have to make two trips to Wegmans just to pick up  and then drop off a prescription.

This is especially helpful for the non-local population of UR, in that it would allow students from other states to more easily get access to filling and receiving their prescriptions here in a timely fashion. It also eases the concern of transportation to Wegmans: The Green Line only goes there on the weekends, and sometimes a prescription emergency can’t wait until a bus will be heading there. This is also important for students who don’t have cars and would be unable to find any other way to get off campus.

While UHS offers prescription services for students to purchase at a reduced rate,  working with Wegmans to bring to the River Campus this same service that RIT students already enjoy would help the medical needs of all students — including those that work on their own individual insurance plans. It would also allow students quicker access to these medications, with the RIT service guaranteeing same-day on-campus delivery if ordered during weekdays before 2 p.m.

The convenience of not having to go off-campus to get prescriptions is something that UHS should make a priority. If it is a service that Wegmans is offering another local college, UHS should work with Wegmans to bring that service to UR.

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