Today is Earth Day, and UR’s sustainability organizations are fittingly coming to the culmination of their efforts throughout the year with Greenweek.

EcoReps and Grassroots came together to organize the week-long celebration, which features various events to encourage waste reduction and sustainable dining and transportation.

The focus of the first three days of Greenweek was on choosing environmentally friendly foods and drinks. On Monday, Danforth Dining Center held a Local Foods Dinner, and on Wednesday there was a water taste test, during which students attempted to tell the difference between bottled and tap water. Grassroots Co-President and senior Liesel Schwarz discussed the reasons for this focus on dining in the Green Week schedule.

‘Right now, we have no control over what the University uses for power,” Schwarz said. ‘With dining, there are things we can actually do.”

Schwarz also brought up the point that UR Dining received an ‘A” on the Sustainability Report Card, and that UR should thus showcase dining and use it as a resource for education.

Today’s events feature a lecture about the science and engineering challenges of sustainability and Grassroots’ final clothing exchange of the year.

In addition, the floor will be opened to debate about global warming as UR’s Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) question the scientific validity of climate change data.

‘Grassroots is trying really hard to be a bipartisan group, in that we really want everyone to speak their mind and see both sides of the argument,” Schwarz said.

The festivities come to a close on Friday, which is ‘Move URself” day, during which individuals are encouraged to avoid using motorized transportation throughout the day.
According to EcoReps Susan B. Anthony Area Supervisor and sophomore Joey

Hartmann Dow, Greenweek also gives an opportunity for members of this organization which is new to campus this year to showcase their accomplishments and advancements.

‘The difference from the beginning of the year is amazing definitely visible,” she said. ‘I’m looking forward to [EcoReps’] growth in the next few years.”

Fleming is a member of the class of 2012.

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