Local response to crisis in Haiti remains strong

According to John Buttrill, CEO of the Greater Rochester Red Cross, local donations to the relief effort in Haiti have totaled $1.6 million. Of this amount, over $1 million has been generated through Wegmans grocery stores.

Since the earthquake, all Wegmans locations have been accepting donations of any amount from customers as they check out. The program was initially supposed to last for just 10 days, but in response to customer requests to extend it, Wegmans will be taking donations through Sunday.

Money raised through the Red Cross goes toward water, food and other needed supplies. So far, relief items have reached nearly 32,000 families in need.

Some of the money being raised is also being invested in the long term, such as the vaccination of 250,000 Haitian children against various diseases, including the measles, tetanus and whooping cough.

Nine rescued from ‘suspicious’ apartment fire

Twenty-three individuals found themselves displaced from their homes after a fire broke out at an apartment building on 121 Liberty Pole Way.

The fire started last Sunday at approximately 3:30 a.m. According to Rochester Fire Department Deputy Chief Scotty Williams, the fire was started in several trash boxes left in the third floor hallway.

The fire department has classified the fire as ‘suspicious,” and Williams says that it is under investigation.

Six residents required medical care, and one officer who helped evacuate the building was treated for smoke inhalation at an area hospital.

According to Williams, there were no functional smoke detectors in the apartment, and its fire alarm system failed to go off when the fire started.

Wings restaurants forced to close down

Two locally popular Country Sweet Chicken and Wings restaurants were forced to close on Monday due to poor economic conditions.

The rising costs of wings and other food items caused the 515 Monroe Ave. and 640 Lake Ave. locations, which had been open since 1977, to be shut down.

According to Steve DeLorme, co-manager of the restaurants, the closures will result in between 20 and 25 lost jobs.

Country Sweet will not be gone for good, however. The location on 1691 Mt. Hope Ave. will remain open, with no reduction in hours of operation. According to DeLorme, this restaurant receives stronger business than the other two did because of traffic from the hospital, neighboring businesses and UR.

Justin Fleming is a member of the class of 2013.
Information was compiled from the Democrat and Chronicle.

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