The Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority is spearheading a Domestic Violence Awareness Week Campaign, targeting all members of the University community.
‘We are trying to get men and women more aware of the issues of domestic violence,” Sigma Psi Zeta member and junior Frances Wang said.
The week’s events, which have included silent witnesses, are a coordinated effort amongst several student organizations to get the message of domestic violence awareness out.
The sorority is tabling is in memory of Annie Le, the 2007 UR graduate who was a homicide victim at Yale University a few weeks ago and will be accepting donations for battered women.
Wang emphasized a focus on educating males about domestic violence. Sigma Psi is asking men to take pledges to not abuse women.
‘We are asking men to sign pledges because domestic violence is a two-person thing,” Wang said. ‘It’s not just telling the women to stand up for themselves. It’s also asking the guys to say, “I won’t do it, I will actively prevent this from happening.'”
Events will continue for the remainder of the week, including a ‘Dating Violence: Truth or Myth” presentation this Friday evening.
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