For someone who didn’t consider herself a go-to player in high school, freshman right side hitter Alma Guevara has made quite an impact for the Yellowjacket women’s volleyball team in her debut season. With the volleyball team having some tough losses this season, Guevara has been one of the bright spots for the Yellowjackets.

Guevara’s 62 kills at the Vassar College Invitational earned her a spot on the All-Tournament team this past weekend. Guevara helped UR pass Stevens Technical University and Sage College, eventually leading to an overall 2-2 record at Vassar.

The Van Nuys, Calif. native, is currently second on the team with 2.59 kills per game. She also holds 286 digs, which is fourth on the team. The next three years look promising for the volleyball team with Guevera helping lead the way.

How did you get started playing volleyball?
I started when I was in elementary school. The coach wanted me to join the team because he thought that I was athletic. I played basketball at the same time and I was pretty much involved in all of the sports when I was younger, but volleyball just kind of stuck.

What’s it like to start as a freshman?
It’s pretty cool. It was kind of a shock. In high school I played a lot, but I was never really one of the go-to players. So now I came here and there’s a lot of pressure. But it’s a good kind of pressure and I think it’s exciting.

What are your favorite things to do when you aren’t playing volleyball?

When I’m not playing, I usually try to hang out with friends as much as possible. I usually don’t have that much free time with volleyball and school work. So whenever I do get a chance I try to hang out.

What has been your favorite moment this season?
This past weekend, we were down against Stevens 22-8 and we came back and won the game. I think it went to 35-33. We won the match in five [games].

Why did you decide to come from sunny California to gloomy Rochester?
Everyone always asks me that. It’s just the school this one kind of stood out to me. It had a lot of programs that I wanted to join. I wanted to be on the team. I wanted to be a BME major and this is the place to be. The weather wasn’t much of a concern but now that it’s starting to get colder I’m starting to get worried.

Do you have a favorite food that you miss from home or a favorite thing to do?
Besides going to a real beach? I just miss my mom’s food, her barbecue chicken. It kind of sucks not having that home-cooked meal every night.

Danforth doesn’t cut it?
Nope. Neither does the Pit (laughs).

Do you have a wacky pregame routine?
Not really, I’m kind of straight forward. I just think about the game. Sometimes I listen to music.

Do you have a favorite artist that you listen to before a game?
Not really a favorite artist, but it has to be hip-hop, something to get me going. I can’t be listening to Coldplay I don’t want to fall asleep before a match.

Do you have a favorite restaurant that you have been to?
The only one that I have been to is Jay’s Diner. It was good.

Do you get more of a thrill from a good spike or a good dig?
I get more of a thrill from a good [spike]. It’s knowing that you put the ball down, that you put the ball away it’s a good feeling.

Willis is a member of the class of 2011.

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