Field hockey simply isn’t very exciting. I know this is probably crushing to a lot of people, but it simply isn’t a priority for most. A self-righteous rant about the accomplishments of our field hockey players (I’m sure they’re nice people) isn’t going to accomplish very much.

Focus your energy on sports that people care about like basketball and football those are the sports that generate interest around the country, so why should UR be any different? Can you name me some nationally known field hockey stars? Divers? Volleyball players?

We’re a small student body and a D3 program that only attracts a modicum of interest off campus, so let’s build school pride by focusing energy on basketball and football, and the niche audiences for the other sports will find their own way.

Enticing people to watch field hockey with donuts and hot chocolate and then throwing up your hands incredulously when no one shows up does not make sense.

The Editorial Board stirringly called us to worship at the feet of obscure sports and fails to mention that the start of the basketball season is less than two weeks away! The most popular spectator sport that generated an inordinate amount of pride and enjoyment on River campus last season, is about to start, and the CT sternly admonishes us for failing to show up at some field hockey game a few weeks ago.

It’s time to pack the Palestra and forget about Fauver until the spring! Let’s go ‘Jackets!

Weikang Fan
Class of 2009

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