It’s getting chilly, and you know what that means. These last weeks of warmth are going to be a distant memory once the first snow falls in Rochester, and you will soon be wondering if there ever was a time you actually wore those shorts outside to class at all.

But before the dreaded winter comes, there is that happy medium where it is just crispy enough that you are not feeling the biting cold, but warm enough that you don’t need an enormous goose down jacket just yet.

Fall is here, and with it comes this year’s fall fashion trends straight off the runway from Fall Fashion Week in New York City to your dorm.

This year, designers whipped up a variety of different styles that sample tastes from several different eras, and old favorites are back again. Not since the Kurt Cobain grunge collection Marc Jacobs whipped up for Perry Ellis in the mid ’90s has plaid been in. Designers such as Charlotte Ronson and Thakoon Panichgul all experimented with the timeless crisscross patterns, updating them with watercolor washes and punk accessories. Plaid is back, so grabbing a couple plaid scarves to spice up your peacoat this fall would be a good idea.

Be they tight and tiny or impressively voluminous, bows have replaced the necklace as the upper-body accent of choice. The Proenza Schouler duo topped off nearly all their silk blouses with the double-knotted wonders, while Thakoon added gauzy scarf-like numbers to enhance his ladylike looks. By tying one on, you look put together instantly. A big bow would be for the more fashionably bold on campus, however, buying a thin black silk scarf and tying it at the front of your blouse would add an accent to all those boring blouses you have in the back of your closet.

Oversized cable knits and off the shoulder cashmere sweaters have replaced the wool coat for fall 2008. Though the change gives a nod to the global warming-influenced mild winter temperatures, the knit styles provide the coziest cold-weather look this season. For all those sweaters that grandma sent you that are way too big or those oversized sweatshirts that are just too large to wear in public, just stretch out the neckline a little bit and hang it off one shoulder, and you will have an instant fashion statement! Plus you feel better for not actually lying when you tell your grandma you are wearing that sweater she made you.

While the threat of a recession hovers on the horizon, for fall, designers are channeling the spirit of the carefree, extravagant spirit of the early 1920s. Diane Von Furstenberg looked to smoky jazz clubs for inspiration for her seductive pieces, while at Baby Phat models wore flapper-style skirts a touch shorter than the original style. To follow this trend, simply pair together a square-ish?looking top that is loose and not too tight in a metallic or dark color and a short dark skirt of your choice that ends about mid-thigh. Add on a couple long draping necklaces or a draping long bow and you have yourself a sophisticated outfit that would make you look classy and impressive at any event ranging from a job interview to a bar party.

The leaders of New York’s fashion scene all whipped up sweet neo-’50s styles, from kitten heels and knee-length silk shifts to cashmere coats in the palest of pastels. This trend is simple to follow: find a dress with a print (colorful and light-colored would be the way to go) this is a great way to utilize your summer dresses throughout the fall without putting away for good. And be sure to pair it with a sophisticated knee-length coat and you’ll have yourself an outfit that even Lady Bird Johnson would approve of.

American cowboy look finds its way into stores this year. It is no surprise that fringe boots and moccasins are the shoes of choice for this fall season.Designers explored Western territory for fall, so don’t be surprised if Navajo prints and the

Stash your little black dress in the back of your closet and trade it for a rich rust color. Monique Lhuille, Phillip Lim and Halston’s Marco Zanini all skipped over basic black in lieu of this new autumn hue, and since the shade is flattering on nearly all skin shades, you may want to consider it for events this fall.

The runway was filled with one-shouldered numbers this year, which all paid homage to Christian Dior’s iconic New Look sihouette. With a universally flattering cut, this classic style is just the thing for anyone seeking a little Old Hollywood glamour.

Now whether you are one of the most fashionably astute or the most aesthetically confused, you most likely will not walk around campus wearing these clothes straight off the runway.

However, my advice to you is to follow these simple suggestions and trends outlined above and mix and match them into your own personal style. This way you can utilize these fall fashion styles in ways you are comfortable with and still manage to look current and trendy all throughout this fall!

Jung is a member of the class of 2011.

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