The dynamic atmosphere of Gleason Library merits expansion. Since its exciting addition to River Campus last year, it has been nothing but a positive space for the student body. In the tradition of making this library a unique, student-friendly environment, River Campus Libraries should expand the shelf signed ‘paperback book exchange” into a room in or near Gleason Library dedicated to the same project.

Such an endeavor would compliment the Students’ Association’s excellent College Readership Program, which has both provided newspapers to students who desire to keep up on news but seriously lacked access and inspired other students to take up a new hobby.

River Campus Libraries could work together with the SA to make this program possible. An initial grant from either to purchase books preferably from local stores to fill a room with popular modern and classic books would get this initiative on its feet. Additionally, a book drive at the start of the program could further publicize the event and build a larger stock of books. Then, with a yearly stipend and minimal supervision, the program could become sustainable.

The ‘book exchange” area could even serve as an opportunity for students to avoid being ripped off by overpriced schoolbooks, although this would not be its focus. The object of such a proposal is to give students a chance to indulge in the pastime of reading.

It is important to take advantage of the interest the SA started with the Readership Program and the innovation inherent in Gleason Library by adding this new feature. Reading for pleasure has taken a back seat to hobbies that take advantage of modern technology, and this program would be designed to reinvigorate passions for reading.

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