A main concern in the final stages of the Riverview project was the effect the new residence hall would have on community relations. The Residential Life staff for Riverview Apartments, including the Community Advisers, Graduate Head Resident and Area Coordinator have done an exemplary job in creating relationships between UR and the 19th Ward and the Plymouth Exchange Neighborhood.

Res Life has already thrown an ice cream social with local residents to discuss how students can be more involved with the community, and it boasted great turnout from both students and community members.

Oct. 26 is the date of 20 community dinners, during which three to four students will be going to various residences for home-cooked meals. This is a creative way to forge more individual connections between students and families, not to mention comparatively luxurious dinners as an added bonus for those Riverview students.

The community and Res Life staff are also setting up tutoring and sports programs, in which Riverview students would help kids in their schools and out. The special part about this program is the ideal behind it. In order for students to become a part of the community and not just a separate asset, the kids will in turn teach UR students about gardening. Thus, the plan creates a two-way bridge, where both sides can feel good about their reciprocal giving relationship. Additionally, the program accommodates both for students who are willing to make large time commitments and those with little time to spare.

CAs have done a sufficient job advertising by flyering, talking to students, sending out weekly e-mails and holding office hours. As long as the staff continues these interactions, students who live in Riverview will be especially attuned to integrating with the Rochester community. Such a strong precedent may even inspire other Res Life staff and UR students, making Riverview’s campaign more than just a small initiative.

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