The security system at UR has made a few important additions this year to its ‘ThinkSafe” security report, which includes several tips on how students, faculty and staff should go about protecting themselves when they are on and off campus. This report covers information including, but not limited to, what action should be taken if students witness a crime or are sexually assaulted, and it also provides specific contact information for every predicted occurrence. The report continues to offer advice about how to protect personal information online and how to assure the safety of students when they are in their residence halls.

Despite the fact that ‘Think Safe” covers a multitude of areas, the UR Security office is always working on ways to further improve safety measures. For example, AlertUR was introduced to the University in March 2008 as a new emergency notification system.
The purpose of this system is to contact students about any potentially perilous situations that may be occurring on campus through e-mail or phone.

When such a crisis occurs at or near the University, the alerts will contain official UR information and will warn the members of the University as need be.

All of the undergraduates were enrolled through their campus e-mail addresses, and about 40 percent of these students also decided to include other modes of communication, such as home or mobile phone numbers. Depending upon what information the student provided to the Security office, the notifications are sent through fax, e-mail, page or text.

The first run-through of this system occurred in April and was very successful. The next test is scheduled to take place in October. The next phase will be to include faculty and graduate students in the system so they can take all the necessary precautions on and off campus.

Emergencies include, but are not limited to, terrorist attacks, notification of extreme weather conditions, critical health emergencies and civil disturbances. The goal of AlertUR is simply to provide another method of direct communication with the students, faculty and staff at the University to ensure their protection.

Another new addition to the ThinkSafe report is the increase of security at Riverview Apartments, which were completed in the city of Rochester across the Genesee River opposite from the River Campus. UR Security wants to be sure that all students, whether on or off campus, feel protected throughout the academic school year.

Security has been assigned to patrol Riverview 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Also, a security supervisor has been assigned exclusively for the Riverview/Brooks Landing area. Even though the phones at the Riverview Apartments are not a part of the University telephone system, blue light emergency phones are available and Security is only a phone call away as well.

Verizon and AT’T mobile phones can reach Security by dialing #413, and the call is free. Surveillance cameras have also been installed along the pedestrian route between the River Campus and Riverview, and there are cameras that have been installed in all the parking areas.

All the buildings are locked at all times, and students must have a UR I.D. to enter the building, similar to the on-campus residence halls. Individual apartments are equipped with a second electronic lock. Personal security escorts are also available for those students living in Riverview.

Dissemination of the ‘ThinkSafe” report has already begun. Postcard notices have been sent to all students, faculty and staff regarding the release of the report. The printed copies are expected today and will take approximately three to four business days before they can be distributed.

The report is 16 pages. Of the 42,000 copies, about 30,000 copies will be handed out immediately. By the end of next summer, it is expected that 40,000 copies will be distributed.

Hasan is a member of the class of 2012.

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