Spoiler Alert: I attempted not to give away anything too big in case some of you have not yet viewed the first three episodes of ‘Gossip Girl,” but beware just in case. You have been warned.

Spotted: Dorm rooms across campus filled to the max on Monday evening with girls and even a few boys anticipating the newest episode of everyone’s favorite, most scandalous, outrageous drama of the season. Will the latest installment of this captivating show be worth it or worthless?

Like many other teenage girls across the country, I have been caught in the black hole of the show that is ‘Gossip Girl.” I say black hole because, while I watch it every week and talk about it as if the characters were my friends, I was pulled into its vortex against my will. I’m one of the girls that read the books and at first was slightly frustrated by the simple fact that the TV show completely deviated from the basis of the book series. Once I grew past that and got down to the show itself, I still was not a fan due to what I saw as bad writing and bad acting.

Last season did not impress me, and I was even more disappointed because I expected better from writer and creator Josh Schwartz, who also created ‘The OC.” The actors weren’t believable in their roles, the writing wasn’t realistic, and the plots were plain boring. So why on earth did I keep watching? Because I am a television addict. I start watching a show, and so now I have to follow it all the way through. And, despite all my criticism for the show, something about it makes the viewer want to watch again and again, like a drug.
Maybe it’s the relationships, maybe it’s the hot boys wait, that might be it. Or maybe it’s just the fact that the writers, despite what I originally thought, actually have a clue as to what they are doing. Those damn mother chuckers!

So when I joined my friends in a small dorm room crowding around a tiny TV to watch the season premiere, let’s just say I kept my expectations low. I am glad to announce, however, that I was pleasantly surprised. That’s not to say that I now think ‘Gossip Girl” is the number one show on television, but I can say that I finally get why I keep watching, and that reason is the relationship between Chuck and Blair. What about Dan and Serena, you may ask. No, they aren’t interesting. Their star-crossed lover routine is getting a little old. We get it; you’re from different sides of the Brooklyn Bridge. Get over it and make up or break up already.

Chuck and Blair, however, are a couple with chemistry. The two characters seem to be each other’s exact replicas within a boy and girl. Whether they will work as a couple, well, we’ll just have to watch to find out, won’t we?

The personalities of the characters have developed within the script right alongside the actors’ skills in portraying their roles on set. Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick have an undeniable fire in their relationship that makes their dialogue and body language that much more believable.

As frustrating as their silly fights and witty banter may be, whenever the two are on screen with one another, every person in the room is watching intently. So while I might get annoyed with Jenny’s whiney voice working her days away for Blair’s stuck-up mom or frustrated with Dan and Serena’s back-and-forth relationship, I am watching this show for the only two characters who seem to have any true story ahead of them. Until next time, you know you’ll keep watching.

Rosenberg is a member of the class of 2012.

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