This weekend proved to be a challenge for the UR women’s basketball team, as it lost both of its away games to the University of Chicago Maroons and the Washington University in St. Louis Golden Bears. A loss to the Maroons on Friday night gave the Yellowjackets their first University Athletic Association defeat this season and ended their 15-game winning streak. It was a tough fight, but the ‘Jackets could not come through, especially in the second half, ultimately losing the game 56-46.

The Maroons led by one at the closing of the first half, courtesy of a Chicago layup with 30 seconds left in the period.

UR came out strong in the second half with back-to-back 3-pointers by junior guard Helen Baroody, which put the ‘Jackets up by three. Thanks to a 3-pointer by freshman guard Melissa Alwardt and a layup from freshman center Courtney Donovan, the women were able to push their lead to six with 11:22 left to play. The ‘Jackets held onto the lead for the next few minutes but hit a cold streak with 7:41 left in the half. UR could not seem to put the ball into the basket for the next six minutes of play. This slump freed up the court for the Maroons to go on a 11-0 run that was eventually ended by a free-throw shot by Baroody, making the score 45-50 with 1:28 to play.

Unfortunately, the damage had been done, and the ‘Jackets were never able to gain back the lead.

Chicago solidified its advantage when it went six for six from the free-throw line in the final 54 seconds of the game. UR, on the other hand, could only sink two out of seven from the line in the final seconds.

With 14 points, Baroody was the team’s leading scorer. Alwardt was close behind with a total of 13 for the game. Senior forward Jessica Waddell was impressive on the boards, with nine rebounds in her 13 minutes on the court. Also notable was junior forward Alex Porter, who had nine rebounds in 27 minutes.

All in all, the women played a tough game, but just could not put the ball in the basket in the last minutes of play. Chicago outshot UR from the line, making 13 of its 20 free-throw shots, compared to the ‘Jackets, who only could sink three of their 11 shots. It was the second time in a week that the Yellowjackets faced the Maroons. Last Sunday, UR was able to beat Chicago at home, 54-48.

The women played a tight game this past Sunday against the Bears, but could not pull through, consequently adding another loss to their now 17-3 record.

UR lost, 63-61, thanks to an overtime basket at the buzzer from the Bears. This is the second time the ‘Jackets have seen the Bears in two weeks, first meeting them at the Palestra nine days ago and coming away with an overtime win.

The Yellowjackets came out to a rough start in this game, however, trailing at the half by a score of 27-22. The women put up a tough fight in the second half, taking back the lead early when Porter scored a layup to make the score 34-32 with 14:49 left in the game. Wash U quickly took back the lead, however, and, after a 4-0 run, the score was 46-38 with 8:49 left in regulation.

A 3-pointer by Alwardt, followed by four more points from freshman guard Caroline Bernal-Silvia, changed the tide of the game and contributed to a 7-0 run for the ‘Jackets that put them ahead 46-45.

The score continued to bounce back and forth between the two teams and, at 1:15, the score was tied 50-50. With 53 second left to play, Wash U pulled ahead when they sank two free throws, only to be combatted with an overtime-forcing layup by junior center Julie Marriott.

UR took the first three points of overtime when McNelis sank a 3-pointer in the first 15 seconds. A layup and free-throw shot by Porter, followed by a free throw from Alwardt, pushed the ‘Jackets ahead by four with 3:18 left in the game.

Wash U fought back, and with four seconds left in the extra period, the game was tied 61-61. The Bears ultimately took the victory when they sank a layup at the buzzer that finalized the score at 63-61.

Marriott had an amazing game with 13 points and five rebounds. Baroody and Alwardt also had impressive stats, logging 11 points and five rebounds apiece. Bernal-Silva was the team’s next highest scorer with 10 points.

This weekend’s losses give the women a 7-2 UAA record, putting them in a tie for the top spot with Wash U.

The ‘Jackets still have a better overall record with 17 wins and only three losses, compared to Washington University’s 15 wins and five losses. At a close second are Chicago and Brandeis University, who share second place in the UAA with a 6-3 conference record. As the season comes to a close, UR will have to fight extra hard to keep its spot on top. Next weekend, the Yellowjackets are away again when they face off against New York University and Brandeis.

Hamilton is a member of the class of 2011.

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