Say goodbye to URBee and hello to Rocky, the University’s new mascot as of Friday, Feb. 1. Students awaited for the women’s basketball game to come to an end so they could learn the name of their new mascot and see his costume.

Associate Director of Wilson Commons Student Activities Programs Laura Ballou commented on how the administration, student body, alumni and those present at the game reacted to the premiere of the new Yellowjacket.

“I thought Friday was great!” Ballou said. “I am so proud of our students and the campus community that came out to see the new mascot and support the teams. I love the school spirit we have!”

Ballou shared her thoughts on why she believed Rocky was chosen out of the six possibilities.

“I think that Rocky has a little bit of an edge to it, sounds like Rochester and has a built-in theme song,” she said.

Vice President and General Secretary Paul Burgett also commented on the new mascot.

“I thought the entire process of designing him, the contest to name him and the half time show at Friday’s basketball game to unveil both was terrific,” Burgett said.

“Proof was the tremendous enthusiasm by fans. The women’s win helped rev the crowd up and with both men’s and women’s teams on the court with the President and Dean Feldman, the enthusiasm was infectious and loud.”

Students also liked Rocky.

“I like the name because it incorporates our school nicely,” Freshman Elizabeth Baker said.

Wisch is a member of the class of 2011.

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