I am writing in response to an article published in the Oct. 18 issue called “Lots of different sex can be worth a try.” I was initially excited to see such a bold title surrounding what, for some, is a sensitive issue. But after reading the ‘Group Sex’ section of the article, I was offended, disgusted and, quite frankly, surprised that the Campus Times would publish such an article. For those of you who did not read the article, here is an excerpt, in which the author describes group sex:

“When a female passes herself around an entire specialized group of people like an athletic team, or a Fraternity… She gives every individual a ride, maybe in front of the rest, maybe not. Maybe in one sitting, maybe in two. But listen girls, it is very important that you finish off the entire group. If you stop halfway, you’ll never get the respect you deserve.”

Although I am sure this is intended to be funny, I do not find it at all humorous. It is derogatory and – despite its humorous intentions – does nothing more than support vulgar notions of unequal gender roles, in which the male dominates. I ask you, staff and writers, to be more careful about what you are publishing.

We attend a solid and well-respected university; I believe our school newspaper should aim to match that respect. With articles like that one, you will never get there.

-Rachel OdhnerClass of 2010

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