You know him now as the newest UR Student’s Association president-elect, but there’s more to sophomore Alvin Lomibao than meets the eye. Lomibao, in addition to being heavily involved in student government, has actively participated in a number of other campus activities, including the Filipino-American Students’ Association. Lomibao hails from Canton, Conn.

What do you hope to accomplish as SA President?

I intend on working to push for the student body and advocate on its behalf when working with administrators. The Pearlman Administration worked very effectively this year in increasing the credibility of SA Government in the eyes of the administrators and I intend to keep it that way. I also plan to expand the domain of student government and provide more and better services for students this upcoming year.

Why are you involved in student government? What drives you?

I want to make lasting change wherever I work – whether as a scientist in a laboratory or as an activist in the office. My dedication to my work in student government results from my passion for improving student life around campus.

What are you studying?

I’m a Biomedical engineering major with a double minor in chemistry and music.

What motivates you in this field?

I’m a BME because I want to work in this developing field and do something innovative. I’m in chemistry to work in an allied field and music to supplement my science-intensive schedule.

What else are you involved in on campus? What interests you about this?

I’m involved with the Filipino-American Students’ Association and STING, the student-alumni relations group. I like making lasting connections with students and alumni and working to help represent the diverse backgrounds of the student body.

What’s the last good movie you saw?

I saw “300” right before spring break and enjoyed the cinematography very much. I’m looking forward to this year’s blockbuster season.

What’s the last book you read?

I’ve been getting more and more into books by Carl Rogers and Albert Bandura after taking CSP181 this past year. I also like “Siddhartha” by Hesse. I like reading about human motivation and psychology.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Janna Gewirtz.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Rochester?

Go exploring. I spend a lot of time at Eastman and like trying new restaurants in the area with friends and getting lost going up and down the streets. The city has a lot of untapped potential that I hope to discover next year.

Fountaine is a member of the class of 2008.

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