UR graduate Malik Evans has managed to do big things in the city of Rochester. Since graduating in 2002, Evans has become Assistant Vice President for M&T Bank Corporation while also serving as a commissioner and Vice President of the Rochester Board of Education, to which he became the youngest member ever elected in 2003.

Evans has made a career of board membership and community service. In addition to the Rochester Board of Education, he serves on the boards of other organizations including the Monroe County Fair and Recreation Association, the UR Trustee Alumni Council and the Rochester Area Community Foundation Board of Directors.

Describe what you do.

At M&T, I manage one of our branches. A large part of my job is business development. This involves helping new businesses get financing to get their company running and making sure current businesses have access to capital so that they can sustain or build upon their success.

As a Commissioner on the Board of Education, I assist in the setting and monitoring of educational policy. I serve as the liaison to eight schools and as an elected representative of the citizens of Rochester.

Is it what you planned to do after you left UR or is it something completely different?

When I left UR I thought I would go to graduate school for broadcast journalism and become the next Bryant Gumbel or Ed Bradley, but I decided that if I went out and experienced business and government first hand, it would give me a solid foundation.

Was there a particular activity or campus organization that you were heavily involved in at UR?

I was very involved with the College Diversity Roundtables – I was one of the original members back in 1999. My senior year, I was President of the Kidean Society.

Is there a critical aspect of the school that you think should be addressed?

It is important that UR continue to push for a diverse student body. It is also critical that students become involved and learn about the city of Rochester.

What advice do you have for current UR students?

Make sure you start planning from day one – don’t wait until the last minute. Even if your plans change, it is important to have a starting point. Make sure you have a balance between academics and extracurricular activities. Activities are just as important as academics. Also, leave your comfort zone – talk to people that you may have never thought of speaking with in the past. Lastly, have fun, enjoy the college experience – there is nothing else like it.

Fountaine is a member of the class of 2008.

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