Bored on a Friday night with nothing to do? Sigma Beta Rho (SBR) and UR Concerts present Fusion 2007, an exciting night of music from all cultural backgrounds on Friday, Feb. 16.

It will include a spectacular battle between DJ Mr. Illmatic and DJ Maestro. Other cultural UR groups will be featured, including UR Hip-Hop, ADITI, FASA, KASA and SALSA.

Originally, the very first Fusion concert hosted by SBR, a multi-culturally based fraternity, was held in Wilson Commons with an emphasis on bringing music and cultures of all types into one party.

An astounding array of diverse music was featured on three floors of the building, drawing over 800 people and offering a wide variety of catered food as well as a well-stocked bar.

The event was such a success that it won an “Excellence in Programming Co-Sponsorship” award.

This concert’s popularity has not faltered throughout the years – last year it introduced hip-hop music into the mix with Fatman Scoop, who can be seen in the movie “Save the Last Dance.”

“The event was a huge success, with tickets selling out halfway through the night,” explained senior Namit Sachar, chairperson of the Fusion 2007 event. “Lines were still out the door.”

Of course, SBR is excited to step up the level of music and dance from years past. DJ Green Lantern, “the Evil Genius,” will be showcasing his music at the event.

DJ Green Lantern was signed as a DJ for Eminem in 2002 and can be seen in the popular music video of Notorious B.I.Gs “Nasty Girl.” He has also served as DJ for a 2003 episode of the Chappelle Show and currently serves as DJ for the notorious rapper Jay-Z.

DJ Green Lantern will be battling DJ Maestro, whose extreme performing skills landed him recognition from MTV and Teen People Magazine.

Desiring to broadcast a more creative form of his music, DJ Maestro signed up with what came to be known as 107.9 Hots, where he has brought ratings to unprecendented heights.

DJ Mr. Illmatic offers tough competition as one of both Rochester Institute of Technology’s and UR’s favorite DJ picks, performing in numerous concerts around both campuses.

Aside from the featured guests of the show, UR’s many cultural groups are prepared to spice up the diversity in music. UR’s SALSA, a Latino-Spanish American group, boasts, “Remember Manhattan’s Redlight Disctrict? Well, we have one too.”

ADITI, FASA and KASA also plan to add their talents, offering music from all over the world. Add a dance floor and you have one excellent recipe for a party!

Tickets are only $7 at the door for UR students and $10 for all other college students, so be sure to attend this massive collaboration of multi-cultural music and dance, a rarity for its price and value.

Buses will be available throughout the night to transport students to and from RIT and Monroe Community College. Tickets will be going fast; only 400 are on reserve at the Common Market from Feb 2 to Feb 14 at a discounted price of $5 so don’t forget to stop by and grab your ticket before it is too late. Hope to see you rock out on the dance floor!

Miller is a member of the class of 2010.

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