Editorials are appreciated

Just a short note to thank Liz Swain and Harrell Kirstein for their articles “Mistakes on a Plane” and “Muslims should not be targeted for Oath on Qur’an,” respectively – as a Muslim student who often feels alienated by the glaringly anti-Muslim sentiments so prevalent today, such articles go a long way in promoting mutual understanding and dialogue. I’m looking forward to reading more of such articles.

-Aunali KhakuMedical Student

Jeers go out to Town Hall “Jeers”

I wish to take friendly exception to one of the “Jeers” in your Dec. 7 editorial. I thought that the criticisms in the logo town hall meeting were not only constructive but genuine and insightful. I made the same presentation to a half-dozen groups, and the students offered some of the most thought-provoking comments.

A number of them came up afterwards with very positive comments about the designers’ efforts and the consultative process.

But the point of the discussion was to get the students’ candid reactions to the draft logos, and they made very specific, concrete comments, which gave us a lot to work with.

I look forward to hearing what the students – and the Campus Times – have to say about our next set of possibilities this spring.

-Bill MurphyVice President for Communications

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