Midterm season is a cruel time for students. All those hours of work we crunch in to make up for the countless times we skipped lecture to sleep in an additional hour can be really emotionally and mentally draining.

Last week, I successfully ended my last batch of midterms, which meant that I could take a few hours to dedicate to no one else but me! What better way to treat myself than to indulge in a fantastic, and much needed, pampering at a local restaurant.

This week, prior to catching a flick over at our lovely Little Theatre, I wanted to explore 2 Vine, the neatly tucked restaurant behind the parking lot of the theater. Known to the locals as a posh French bistro, 2 Vine hosts a variety of atmospheres that appeal to everyone from college students to those reaching well into their retirement age. Walking through the lavishly clad entrance, ironically laced with vines, set the tone for what was to be a charming evening.

Entering the restaurant, a fully stocked bar that no local pub can even compare to – take my word for it; I’ve been to many – lined the right wall.

Grown-ups in their polished evening attire, socializing with their dirty martinis and scotch on the rocks made me eager to play the role. Luckily, I had called earlier and made reservations. Had I not, the wait would have been an unpleasant 60 minutes.

Our table placement was probably the most unique – I guess they really wanted us to be in the middle of it all. 2 Vine has an exposed kitchen, allowing all of its patrons to simply glance over and see how the cooks are preparing their meals.

A thriving and constantly moving environment, 2 Vine on a Friday evening is not the place to go if you’re trying to have a quiet night out. Customers chattering, kids laughing, cooks creating a raucous with their pots and pans and waiters singing upon customer requests – I was on sensory overload the entire time.

And the food, the phenomenal food. To start off, I tried the bruschetta spread with a hint of butternut squash sprinkled with parmesan cheese, every bite into the savory hors d’oeuvre prepared my appetite for the main entre – the pan roasted duck breast, perfectly placed in a circular pattern over a mashed potato-like concoction. Alongside a glass of wine, the duck seemed to melt like butter with every bite, filling my mouth with a plethora of sensations.

Needless to say, the evening ended with a rather seasonal pumpkin cheesecake with apricot sauce.

It was a much-deserved proper and elegant meal with a touch of spunk and spirit all night long. Word of advice: if you’re going to indulge, go all out. This week I’ll be making use of my URos to recover from 2 Vine.

Buitrago is a member of the class of 2007.

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