A lot has changed at University of Rochester since my classmates and I arrived here three years ago. The most tangible evidence of this is seen in the increased turnout to this year’s Yellowjacket Weekend festivities.

Despite the threat of bad weather, I have never seen Wilson Quad and Fauver Stadium so full. We must give a round of applause to all the staff and students who worked tirelessly to make this community weekend happen, to our athletes who, win or lose, gave us great performances and to all the students who showed up and had a great time!

Yellowjacket Weekend is a great way to kick off the year. The old-school tradition of the College Convocation mixed with the energetic frenzy of the Activities Fair is a true testament that our University is not only grounded in a rich educational foundation but that the school is also alive with social-life, culture and a diverse array of activities of interest to most students.

As University of Rochester climbs in national rankings and as we start attracting the best and the brightest students, we must also expand our support of the different areas of student life.

As a Division III school, many people overlook our school’s athletic achievements and attendance at the majority of our sporting events is lacking, at best. To reverse this trend, the Students’ Association has teamed up with the Varsity Student Athlete Advisory Council to bring you “Varsity Club Cards.” For every game you attend you will get one or two hole-punches and after ten punches you can enter your card for cool raffle prizes ranging from sporting equipment to team memorabilia to electronics.

While many of us have a problem offering incentives for students to attend student events, I firmly believe this is a necessary step in creating a campus culture where sports and the school spirit are important.

I also believe that once we get people in the door, our passionate and talented athletes will keep them coming back for more.

Your student government leaders have been hard at work since classes ended last May to ensure that this year will be the best ever.

There are some great changes happening within the University, especially with those areas that concern student services. Expect to see improvements with Dining Services, Parking and Transportation and Student Activities.

The Students’ Association Government will also be working hard to ensure that students are always represented as changes are made to the College or to the University as a whole.

To accomplish this goal, we will host regular Town Hall Meetings one Wednesday every month to discuss the current issues affecting students. These meetings will also double as the administrations forum to gather student opinion and input. Save the dates: Sept. 27, Oct. 18, Nov. 15 and Dec. 6. All Town Hall Meetings will be held at 7:30 p.m. in the Gowen Room.

Our September Town Hall Meeting will be a forum on the changing face of the University’s image with a presentation by Bill Murphy, the new Vice President of Communications.

Our October Town Hall Meeting will be a discussion on the future of dining on-and-off campus, including the kick-off of our URos off-campus!

There are some excellent changes underway within the SA, as well. This year, we are continually working to streamline the process for creating new groups and to address the overall funding concerns that existing groups are experiencing.

This year, the SA President, Vice President and Senate hope to serve as resources to help student groups succeed in their individual missions.

We have started this year on a great note and believe that we have the potential to achieve great things! Keep participating in campus activities and if you need help getting involved we are hear to help.


Pearlman can be reached at sapres@mail.rochester.edu or x5-2908.

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