Everyday at the Campus Times we get press releases e-mailed to us from numerous governmental groups. We get press releases from campus clubs and sports teams, and from the Public Relations office. However, the one organization that we have never received a press release from is the Students’ Association Senate.

There are three media outlets on this campus – the Campus Times, Currents and URTV – all of which are more than willing to publicize the work the senate is doing. This publicity would allow all students on campus to be more aware of our student government’s activities and would encourage them to take a stand when they feel passionately.

This was something that Alex Pearlman and Marquis Harrison emphasized in their campaign. Pearlman and Harrison have promised to give students the resources to make the changes they wish to see, but it is hard for these students to be educated about the changes they want to make without being fully aware of what the senate is currently working on.

Weekly press releases, in addition to updating the senate’s Web site, posting fliers around campus informing students what they are working on and improving their communication overall to make the senate more visible. This will additionally allow students to take advantage of the promises that their new president and vice president have made.

Also, in this most recent election, as with most every senate election, the candidates promised to be more efficient. Improved communication to the media outlets and around campus will encourage senators to be held accountable to this claim. Although each week we check the senate’s agenda for upcoming events, it is not a great source of information.

Along with many of the other committees the senate has formed, a communications committee is now in effect. With the new senators taking office next semester, it would be in their benefit to utilize the tools all but handed to them on a silver platter.

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