The couple – they seem to be everywhere. Holding hands, whispering affectionately to each other in the line at the Pit, groping next to you on the couch, etc. I find that in the spring they seem to multiply and follow me around everywhere shoving their blatant happiness in my face.

Now even though I may sound like a bitter hag, I really am not. I, too, was once half of a pair and quite enjoyed making my boyfriend hold my purse and asking him if I looked fat in that top, but this year I have embraced my single status and find the PDAs of OCCs – obnoxiously cute couples – gross enough to make me vomit in my new, adorable LeSportsac tote bag.

So yes, there are the couples that do annoy me, but what about the couples that you love? You know the kind. They are independent yet they can rely on each other. They don’t make you feel like a third wheel when you are out with them. They are the kind of couple you aspire to be a part of some day. They are the ones that make you hesitate to buy those “I think therefore I am single” t-shirts.

In the end, are we really happy to be single or are we merely just biding our time until we find someone else?

As I am wary of my own basic mental health, I try to surround myself with only TCCs – tolerably cute couples. Most of my friends that have made the cut are people I have known since freshmen year and I have gotten to know them as separate entities instead of as one functioning unit. Everything is great until, of course, there is a fight of some kind.

When you are only friends with one half of a couple it is easy to take sides. However, this proves to be more difficult when your friend is throwing her boyfriend’s clothes out the door, as he shoves his girlfriend’s mattress down the stairs. Things are eventually restored and mattresses are returned to their proper places, but will it be so easy the next time?

Being a senior, many of my friends will go their separate ways – including couples.

Is it insensitive of me to tell my friends that it would really be more convenient for me if they stayed together, with travel expenses and all?

Well hopefully I will have a couple of other reasons to visit them and maybe by then I will have found my dream t-shirt – “I cheated on Vince Vaughn with Jon Stewart.”A girl can always hope.

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