Don’t you just love talking about vaginas? That’s right, women, it’s time for us to open up and let the world know that we aren’t afraid to talk about vaginas. For all the men out there, don’t feel left out – you can talk about women’s sexuality as well, as long as you do so respectfully.

The V-Day College Campaign, which is managed at UR by Women’s Caucus, is striving to make sure that men and women alike are informed about the important issue of vaginas. No, this isn’t a joke. Abused women are often afraid to talk about their experiences, so the V-Day College Campaign does everything possible to get the word out.

One of the best ways that the Campaign creates awareness is through “The Vagina Monologues,” which will be held on Friday, March 3 in Strong Auditorium. The show starts at 8 p.m. and tickets for UR students cost $5 at the Common Market.

You’re probably asking yourself, what exactly are “The Vagina Monologues?”

The Monologues aim to educate women about their bodies through a series of skits about issues and experiences of real women of all ages and backgrounds.

Women around the globe cope with abuse and repressive lifestyles every day and the hope is that the Monologues will make women more comfortable talking about these issues.

“There are both really serious monologues that still give me goose bumps and there are some that make me laugh out loud even though I’ve seen every monologue several times,” Women’s Caucus Business Manager and junior Lucia Spinelli said. From erotic moaning to reclaiming the word “cunt,” this show announces that the vagina is a beautiful thing that’s a completely acceptable conversation topic.

Everyone involved in the show is really excited for the performance since they have spent months preparing.

Unfortunately many of the posters advertising the Monologues have been ripped down. “Maybe people feel threatened by this play or maybe they view it as a piece of feminist propaganda,” a concerned Spinelli said. “But by putting on this play, not only here on campus, but also worldwide, we are trying to raise awareness about issues like violence against women, which I think nearly everyone can agree is a serious issue.”

The Monologues have all the ingredients of an amazing show – serious issues, controversial content, honest depictions and hilarious skits about the vagina.

“I think that a lot of women are uncomfortable with their bodies, especially with their vaginas,” Spinelli said. “I think that ‘The Vagina Monologues’ is really helping women love both and showing them they should not be ashamed!”

So whether you are a women who hates the word “vagina,” or one that embraces your body or even a man who would rather look at women than talk about them, this show is something worth seeing.

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