You definitely don’t want to turn the page just yet. Why not? Well, don’t you want to see what’s going on over at Eastman? Not really? Oh – you think it’s all about that classic music “crap” that you’re not in to. No, you’re the Metallica fan and the jazz junkie and the alternative listener – I see. Tell me something, have you ever read the Eastman Section to find out what’s going on over at The Eastman School of Music? If you did you would know, just like I have learned, that Eastman is a school that, yes, is all about the music, but it really is music that can appeal to each and every one of us.

Unlike the bad asses who just want to see if they made the Security Update, or the students who live by their weekly Campus Times Horoscopes, the Eastman section is small but entirely dedicated to letting UR students know what’s up over at Eastman. The open-minded reader can find that Eastman is all about the alternative music that exists around the world such as the throat singing of the Tuvan musicians of central Asia. Still, of course, Eastman can also be about heavy metal rock bands like “Break of Reality” or classical pianists.

Many students are not encouraged enough to venture over to Eastman unless they take a class there or see one of the rare advertisements and venture over there. So next time a Friday night rolls around, at least think about venturing over to Eastman for a concert, a vocal performance, or maybe even some celebrity spreaker. When it comes down to it, UR students are certainly not unexcited when it comes to learning more about Eastman – it is just something that we are not actively informed about and therefore, we are more or less naive.

The people and performers behind the Eastman section’s articles are just as diverse and engaging as the stories themselves. This is probably because they are our friends, our classmates and the smiling faces we see around campus every day. Your lab partner might have been in Eastman’s most recent chamber music concert, or your lifting buddy could be singer in an upcoming vocal performance. So show your friends and yourself some respect and appreciation and get acquainted with the Eastman section which I can only hope will get you fired up and excited about going over to Eastman.

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