Fusion. As a university with an extremely well-developed science program, almost everyone on campus knows what this word means in an academic sense, but think outside of your life in the laboratory for a minute. Most freshmen have seen the signs around campus and wondered what exactly Fusion has been advertising, and it’s definitely not a chemistry party.

Fusion is actually a “yearly party, now a tradition, started by Sigma Beta Rho,” SBR Fraternity brother Ari Stillman said. Unlike typical Frat parties on campus, however, there is a goal to this one – “bringing together all the cultural groups on campus” in an extremely fun and positive way, hence the name “Fusion.” All of the cultural groups and other social activities organizations on campus are invited to attend and the turnout is always great.

Expect great music, diversity and lots and lots of dancing. Fusion promises a great, hyped-up atmosphere and nearly everyone there will be moving to the music. In fact, the only reason why anyone at this party wouldn’t be dancing is if they physically couldn’t.

For everyone who is already familiar with Fusion, which is most likely everyone except for freshman and transfer students, this year will bring something new for them, too.

Hip Hop artist Fat Man Scoop will be there this time around, bringing with him his own energy and enthusiasm for music and dance that will only enhance the fun-loving party vibe for everyone who attends.

Well known for his collaborations with Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliot, Timberland and even Mariah Carey, Fat Man Scoop’s music will help fuel the party without detracting from Fusion’s theme of cultural diversity.

“Scoop is someone known for rousing crowds to rapturous levels of excitement and getting people to have a good time,” Stillman said. “His added energy and enthusiasm will facilitate the union of many different cultures of people under one mic.”

Fusion is no longer only a term stuck in a science textbook but the name of one of the most hyped-up parties offered at the university all year. With hype man Fat Man Scoop scheduled to perform, you’ll have the opportunity to see one of the big city’s finest in just a short walk from your dorm.

Do yourself a favor and have some fun this weekend surrounded by some of the best entertainment to come through UR in a while.

Fusion will be held in Douglass Dining Center on Fri. beginning at 10 p.m. Admission requires a college ID and is $5 with a UR ID and $10 with a non-UR ID. You must be at least 18 years of age to get in and 21 to drink. Tickets are on sale now at the Common Market.

If you love to dance, have fun and meet people, make sure to make an appearance at Fusion. Diversity is central to Fusion, so spice up your Friday night and contribute to the unique atmosphere of the party. This event only happens once a year, so take advantaged of a great opportunity to let loose in a positive environment with great music and entertainment.

More people than ever are expected to attend this year’s Fusion and making yourself one of the many is exactly the point of this awesome night.

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