After experiencing the monotony of campus food, I decided to take a 15-minute stroll down to Mt. Hope Avenue – eventually hitting my goal, The Distillery.

The Distillery has become a second-home-away-from-home for many students looking for a good, cheap bite to eat. Located across from Mt. Hope Cemetery, it offers a variety of food.

After frequenting The Distillery a number of times, I found that 3 p.m. on a Wednesday is the best time to go. You beat the insane crowds that form during the weekends and the loyal drunks that arrive at the stroke of 9 p.m. – when only those of 21 years and over are admitted.

For my appetizer, I ordered chicken wings that, much to my dismay, lacked the true chicken wing crisp that I’ve had at other places. However, as a complement to my appetizer – I was starving – I ordered the stuffed potato skins, which I still believe brought the happiest sensation my mouth has ever experienced.

The potato skins are covered in melted cheese, bacon and chives along with a side of sour cream to top it off. They’re perfectly cut so that any starving fool can stuff his face and call it a day.

Another water refill and 20 napkins later, I had to wipe away the all-too wet chicken wing sauce from my face before the main entre found its way to my paper place setting.

My Philly cheesesteak was nothing short of mouth watering. Served with a side of cut fries, The Pit has nothing on this cheesesteak. Cooked in sauted onions and mushrooms, it can fill the famished student quite quickly.

No matter what you order, whether it be the two-for-one margaritas or one of their ice-cold beers, make sure you get yourself an order of their garlic mashed potatoes.

This single side item is quite possibly the best food they have to offer. The potatoes are whipped to perfection and nearly melt in your mouth.

The rest of my friends indulged themselves with their Rochester burgers, grilled salmon, a plethora of chicken wings and top sirloin steaks. Ultimately, everyone was very content.

The bill came around, and we made good use of our Rochester Every Day sticker – 15 percent off one item – and walked back to campus. Simple lesson – every UR student needs to experience The Distillery in some way, shape or form.

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