The Yellowjackets notched another win this weekend against Hobart College – making it five straight this season. The team utilized its offensive skill and defensive prowess to quell Hobart’s chances for a victory.

“Our entire team applies intense defensive pressure and we have multiple attacking threats on offense,” Coach Chris Apple said.

Those who have witnessed the soccer team’s talent can infer a lot from that statement.

However, coming from the mouth of Apple, it shows that the Yellowjackets can take pride in their early success – and do so with a great deal of confidence, especially from the guy with the clipboard.

The team’s match against Hobart was a well-fought battle filled with suspense. Both teams battled it out for 90 minutes with the momentum swaying from one team to the other. However, according to Apple, his team’s composure made the difference.

“Hobart really tested us this weekend,” Apple said. “At one point we seemed in control of the game – a 2-0 lead and a penalty kick opportunity. After missing the penalty kick, having a player sent off and conceding a goal all within 15 minutes, our players showed great composure. Instead of panicking, they held firm, defended with resolve and won the match.”

Junior Brian Tuohy dribbled the ball all the way to the goal, grabbing UR’s first goal at 19:55.

Seniors Colin Fernie and Nate Mickolos helped provide the little offense that the Yellowjackets needed to seal the win. Fernie assisted Mickolos to increase UR’s lead to 2-0, with one minute elapsed in the second half.

Sophomore Paco Corblan continued his impressive defensive play in the goal by preventing seven shots from getting past. His consistent play throughout the game bumped the team’s record to five wins on the season.

UR improved to 5-0, and is ranked No. 6 in this week’s Division III poll. Apple believes that the Yellowjackets need to keep getting better in order to keep up their early success.

“The team is off to a solid start and we have been pleased with our performances and results,” Apple said. “We believe we are on the right track.”

The Yellowjackets played at Nazareth College on Wednesday. Their next home game will be next Wednesday at Fauver Stadium against Roberts Wesleyan College.

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