A fight broke out on the Fraternity Quadrangle Saturday night, leading Rochester Police and UR Security to close the Fraternity Quad for the night.

“Officers were summoned to the Fraternity Quad for the report of a fight in progress,” UR Security Investigator Dan Lafferty said. “Officers arriving at the scene observed approximately 250 people in the middle of the Fraternity Quad with three separate fights going on. There were eight persons identified as being involved in at least one of the fights. Two of the eight [suspects] are students, the remaining six are visitors.”

When security arrived, the people scattered and exited the area as officers arrived on the scene, according to Lafferty.

Security was informed that there was possibly a bat and knife involved so RPD was consequently called by UR Security.

“A good student secured the bat and turned it over to officers,” Director of UR Security Walter Mauldin said. “The report of a knife is unconfirmed at this time.”

When UR Security and RPD arrived at the scene, no students had been seriously hurt, according to Mauldin.

“No one involved wanted a police report filed and all refused medical care,” Lafferty said. “Those identified as involved would not tell officers what the fight was about or what was going on. Presently the case is being investigated further.”

UR students are not suspected to have started the brawl. “The antagonists appear to be off campus persons who got into an argument,” Mauldin said.

However, Mauldin expressed disappointment in the failure of fraternities to inform security early in the incident and instead attempt to take matters into their own hands.

“[Dean of the College] William Green, [Associate Dean of Students] Matt Burns, [Director of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs] Monica Smalls, [Dean of Students] Jody Asbury – we work with leadership of the chapters on taking more responsibility,” Mauldin said. “[The incident] is frustrating and shows short-sighted thinking.”

Fraternities take strides to minimize such incidents during parties.

“It’s a choice of each individual fraternity how they operate their doors,” Fraternity Presidents’ Council Chairman and senior Dinesh Apte said. “Many of them require UR ID.”

“The fraternities on the quad are trying to maintain a safe social environment for UR students,” Fraternity Presidents’ Council Programming Chair and Sigma Chi Vice President Ryan Severson said. “While it’s my understanding that no UR fraternity members were involved, in light of Saturday’s events, I believe houses will take stronger precautions to keep parties limited to UR students.”

Students that frequent the Fraternity Quad were not concerned by the incident. “It’s unfortunate that the fight broke out, but thankfully no one was hurt,” junior Rachel Thibo said. “These things happen and I don’t feel any less safe on campus.”

“Fighting is never called for,” sophomore Daniel Goldstein said. “A couple kids decided to be morons and spoiled everyone’s fun. It was pretty late anyway though. Security and the police did the right thing to close the Quad. It calmed the situation down.”

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