Dining Services and ARAMARK have made several constructive changes in response to student comments and feedback. Fewer club meal restrictions, extended operational hours and expanded food choices in dining centers are examples of improvements.

Students now have greater control over their mandatory meal plans.

Daily club meal limits have been removed and club meals can now be used at any time in the Pit. Dining Services demonstrates that it understands the need to be flexible around students’ work and class schedules.

Popular choices such as pizza and miso soup have become permanent stations, enabling students to quickly locate and purchase food.

However, while convenience continues to be a priority, nutritional value appears to be overlooked. The quickest and most cost-effective ways to ensure food is sufficiently cooked will very often decrease nutritional content. Even when students try to make good dietary choices – by choosing grilled chicken sandwiches or pasta options – means of food preparation and available condiments eliminate the healthy nature of these decisions.

Convenience and nutrition should be considered simultaneously instead of as mutually exclusive factors. Part of the freedom of college is the ability to make choices regarding nutrition and diet.

Dining Services and ARAMARK have a responsibility to provide and promote healthy options on campus. Initiatives that specifically identify nutritious options and make nutrition facts available need to be expanded.

University life does not promote a healthy lifestyle. The sedentary work environment and stressful nature of exams and deadlines should not be compounded by poor dietary habits because of a lack of healthy options.

Quality food is the most direct way the university can impact student health.

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