The National Society of Collegiate Scholars has been an important presence on the UR campus since its reactivation in 2004.

The title alone implies that scholarly pursuits are a requirement. Philanthropy is also another attribute of the club. The NSCS’s main goal is to establish “Planning for College Success,” – a government-funded mentoring program for adolescents.

The NSCS was first founded in 1994 at George Washington University. It has since established chapters at over 205 campuses across the United States. The NSCS was created as an organization to honor outstanding academics among students. Freshmen and sophomores are invited to join NSCS if their GPA is above a 3.6 after their first semester of freshman year.

The NSCS founding credo states that “the NSCS was established on the basis that with great knowledge comes a responsibility to obtain leadership and a duty to perform a service.”

These students are encouraged to share their gifts by participating in activities sponsered by the society such as leadership development activities, community service programs and scholarly and social activities.

The UR NSCS chapter particpates in a large variety of programs devoted to promoting scholarship and community awareness, such as the “Bring-a-Can Program,” “10 Things Employers Want You to Learn in College,” and “Make a Difference Day” – in which school supplies were sent to El Salvador, tutoring students of all ages at different schools all around the area.

Vice President of Planning for College Success and junior John Hearn regards the NSCS as a very special organization.

“The NSCS is special because not a lot of honors societies really get to be active in the community,” he said.

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