My alarm clock woke me at the painful stroke of 7 a.m. Slowly, I turned the alarm off and rolled out of bed – but wait – I had no class today, no work to be done. Then, as I stood in my dorm room in Gilbert Hall, it dawned on me – today was my day, today was everyone’s day. It was the day all the upperclassman had told me about. The day when you call your friend at school that first year of college and tell them how much more fun you are having then. That day was Dandelion Day at UR.

I remember hitting the Fraternity Quad at about 8 a.m. my freshman year, half laughing at myself for how early it was. Then I stepped onto the quad and saw how packed it was. Sporadic chairs and couches were strewn across the lawn. I thought, this should be a day I would never forget, and I was right.

I have been to a lot of events on this campus – plays, athletic competitions and themed parties. If you have been here for six months, you have done the same. However, when it comes to bringing the student body together, nothing compares to D-Day.

Well, nothing did anyway. As a member of the Fraternity Presidents’ Council and a proud brother at Delta Kappa Epsilon, I am asking the students of this campus to take D-Day back. Whether you are a part of Greek life or not, D-Day is the best day on this campus to make 40 new friends or have a blast with all of your current ones.

More importantly, D-Day embodies the concept of an all-campus social, and that is precisely what it should be. The FPC wants to know what is missing. What is going to make you come out of your dorm or suite or apartment and come join us? This could potentially be one of the best days of your entire college career so don’t let it slip by. It’s one of those days you tell your grand-kids about. Starting April 3 there will be surveys available at the DKE fraternity house. I do not care if you come in it at 4 a.m. demanding a survey. Wake someone up! Take D-Day back! D-Day is a privilege, and we have to treat it as such.

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