It’s that time of year again – the time when college students across the country put aside their books and head off in search of sun and good times. While spring break vacations can be an excellent way to de-stress, build friendships and rejuvenate, all too often students spend too much time focusing on having fun in the sun and they forget to take basic safety precautions. The following list of health and safety tips is designed to enable you to enjoy your spring break to the fullest.

Tips For a Great, Healthy Spring Break

The only reliable thing about the shuttle system is its ability to drive me crazy

The bus schedule is many things, so I’ll tell you what it isn’t. Reliable. On-time. Consistent.

The time I almost died

I don’t know exactly what happened, but something went wrong. I was busy laughing about something when suddenly, I heard a deafening noise.

Jungle your juice

In case you have yet to juice your jungle, I am here to rock your world (respectfully). You’ve got the funny juice. You love the funny juice!