To the Editor of the Campus Times: A week ago we learned that a UR review panel handed down a favorable decision, and our fraternity will once again proudly occupy the Alpha Delta Phi Chapter House on the Fraternity Quad, as it has since 1932. The effort, dedication and sacrifice of the undergraduate chapter over the past year to regain that privilege has been ver demanding, not only from the leadership, but also from each member, and even from those who recently chose to become new members. The fact that the decision was given without qualification or contingency underscores their successful efforts. We alumni have been watching the process anxiously from the sidelines, as we also have a vested interest in the Chapter House. The credit and applause belong to the undergraduate brothers, who have met the prerequisites to regain the house, brought the fraternity back to it’s original values and strengths, and have accomplished this on their own terms. Along the way they have reestablished a strong connection with the College community, the educational mission of the University and with the many ways Alpha Delta Phi played a leading role on campus back to it’s founding in 1850. As we celebrate their accomplishments, we would also express our appreciation to the whole College community, and to alumni from our fraternity and many other “special interest groups” for their support and concern during this process. We hope that this regeneration of Alpha Delta Phi can serve as a model for a Greek organization that is campus centered, student oriented and relevant to both. Roger Zaenglein ’48, Alumni Chapter PresidentPete Heinrich ’60, Alumni AdvisorPeter Waasdorp ’62, Faculty Advisor

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