Last year’s rankings by US News and World Report’s showed a decline in UR’s rank. This created low morale in the UR community, but there are reasons to believe that this trend is being reversed for the better. The recent increase in undergraduate application numbers and the higher ranking of the William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration by the Financial Times of London is a point of pride for UR.

According to the Office of Admissions, the quality of applications is rivaling that of Ivy League schools. The ever-growing number of applicants is a testament to the Office of Admissions’ efforts toward increasing awareness of our institution and our curriculum. The increased application rate allows the Office of Admissions to be more selective and implementing the high standards of UR.

The gradually increasing amount of applicants is a reassuring sign to the UR community that UR’s prestige is being maintained. The fact that prospective college students are attracted to UR shows our popularity and competitiveness have not been lost.

This rise can be attributed – in some part – to the recent efforts of the Office of Admissions.

Another aspect of UR’s increasing reputation comes from the Simon School. It boasts a recent boost in prestige by a high ranking from the Financial Times, a well-recognized authority on the world’s economy. UR benefits from the success of individual schools. Both undergraduate and graduate students should be proud of their institution.

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