Like so many of my peers, I have gotten caught up in TheFacebook craze. TheFacebook isn’t just about measuring popularity by the amount of friends one has. It’s about measuring popularity through classmates, chance encounters, people whose mailbox is located near yours or anyone else who won’t reject you when you try to befriend them.

In addition to the people like me, who joined TheFacebook on Aug. 1 when it opened up to the UR community, many normal, less Internet dependent people have joined. Currently, over 2,000 UR students are members. It’s time that we set up several ground rules.

A Shrekcellent way to deal with stress

It is here that they worship none other than “Shrek.” Every member must show up with a red flower bearing blue thorns as a symbolic offering.

Drag Charity Show: out and proud on campus

The event to aimed to bring visibility to ongoing LGBTQ+ youth issues throughout the Rochester area.

Student response to off-campus protests

At the vigil on Jan. 7 honoring Tyre Nichols, only a handful of UR students were in attendance. In an…