There is this great bar on 106th Street and Amsterdam Avenue in New York City that is simple from the outside, but when entered has incredible energy that comes from the character of the people who drink between its walls. These individuals come from all different walks of life. Some work a nine-to-five job, others are Columbia University students and others are artists and writers. These people add to the charisma of the place by helping the three bartenders keep things interesting.

There is an Egyptian who works the happy hour shift – he has CNN playing on the TV screens each day. And there are the two Irishmen – the quiet one is very funny and tries to keep things interesting by telling jokes. The other one is known as the crazy one and is generous, friendly and nuts – on a good day he will get you to drink the night away with him. Here are some of the drinks that this bar serves.

Bloody Mary

I leaned how to make this version of a Bloody Mary by watching the owner of the bar make his. He says that this is the only drink that he likes besides the occasional beer. He had four of these in the hour and a half that I was there talking to him. I tried one and it was the best Bloody Mary I have ever had. It has lots of flavor and is very enjoyable.

2 ounces tomato juice

2 ounces Clamato juice

1 teaspoon of celery root seeds

a couple of drops of Tabasco


4 ounces of vodka

1 tablespoon of horseradish

Beef flavor optional

Mix all ingredients in pint glass with ice. Shake vigorously and serve with ice.

I give the Bloody Mary four fabulous drinks.

Boiler Maker

This next drink I found to be very tasty because the whiskey adds a flavorful taste to the ale. At first, this taste is nice because the whiskey gives it a little extra kick, but after a few, one may not even be able to taste the beer. I suggest having this drink at the beginning of the night.

14 ounces ale

1 ounces whiskey

Pour whiskey into beer. Stir with spoon. Do not shake. Drink.

I give the Boiler Maker three out of four posh drinks.


This is a fantastic Irish whiskey that the crazy Irish bartender drinks all the time. This whiskey is smooth, while having the bite of a strong whiskey. One can drink this on the rocks or straight up. On a good night at the bar, bottles are finished by the bar clients. It is a favorite of whiskey drinkers and a must in one’s liquor cabinet.

I give the Jameson four splendid cocktails.


One of the most interesting things about this bar is that it only has one tap. Why? No one knows, but the tap has been there for years. This tap holds Murphy’s Irish stout. This is a great stout whose flavor is rich and full of chocolate and hops. It is heavy, as stouts are, but remarkably smooth. All parts of this beer are wonderful. I recommend having many more than one of these if you are going to be drinking – they are just that good.

I give Murphy’s two beer mugs.

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