Double-speak, triple-speak, and speak he “regrets” are all things that flow from the mouth of President George W. Bush. He speaks of responsibility and accountability, yet shows none of those traits.

After September 11, post Afghanistan and prior to launching attacks on Iraq for having weapons of mass destruction, Bush and the rest of the White House spin machine broadcasted a clear message – our intelligence indicates that Saddam Hussein is researching, and does have, weapons of mass destruction.

Clear thinkers around the world alike immediately questioned the legitimacy and timing of the new information. It seemed too coincidental following the destruction of mud-hut Afghanistan. Were Americans still seeking vengeance for September 11? Many thought so.

Yet these concerns were considered traitorous. The hawks wanted blood, and they saw it in the easy pickings of one-time ally Saddam. So the greatest nation in the world went to the United Nations to garner legitimacy in its thirst for blood, not caring if Iraq was the cause of September 11 or not. The United Nations was unmoved by the pleas. They scoffed at the notion that the CIA’s secret evidence was sufficient evidence for regime change. Warhawk Bush dismissed it all and formed his own “coalition of the willing.”

This coalition attacked Iraq and quickly overcame the starved, out-classed and ill-prepared Iraqi army. Success was sweet and CNN broadcasted what everyone wanted to see – cheering crowds welcoming their “liberators.” Victory was declared May 1, 2003.

One morning, Bush’s lies caught up to him and the world demanded evidence. Casualties were amassing and no justification could be found. U.S. weapons inspectors were hard-pressed to find any evidence of WMDs. David Kay, Chief US weapons inspector in January 2004, told the Senate, “We were almost all wrong” about WMDs. This was then followed by his successor’s, Charles Duelfer, report in September 2004 that Iraq had no WMDs. The end of all searching was announced on Jan. 12, 2005.

Now did Bush and his spin-team come out and apologize for what they did? Never. They revel in their glory at topping “a threat.” They forgot to mention how they told lies to the whole world. They forget the thousands who died in the fighting.

Bush defends his actions, saying that now Iraqis are safer and freer. Ask an Iraqi. Do they feel safer? This is debatable.But what is not up for debate is that Bush received inaccurate intelligence and acted upon it, killing thousands of Iraqis and Americans alike and still has yet to apologize for the mistake. Instead, he’s trying to pass the buck.

Do what Arnold says, Bush, “don’t be a girly man.” Admit you were wrong.

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