Dear Mr. Heaton,

I found article on “Marriage debate not new one” to be offensive as well as distasteful. I am appalled at the bigotry that is allowed to displayed in the campus times newspaper.Who are you to decide who I marry? As well as, insult black women??

I find it ironic that there is an article about attracting minorities to attend UR. If you keep allowing this bigotry, you not only will have a problem attracting minorities to come to here, but also RETAINING the minorities that are presently students here.

Sincerely,A black woman that is happily enganged in a 3-year interracial relationship

An opportunity to create: Turkish Ebru sip n’ paint with Muslim Students’ Association

The Muslim Students’ Association’s Sip n’ Paint sent many students home with a weight lifted off their shoulders and a few pieces of artwork of their own.

Updates on alumni-funded religious centers

The seemingly obvious solution would be to expand the Chapel. However, that is not as easy as it sounds.

A glimpse into the minds of FREE.99

Through heavier sounds and aesthetics, FREE.99 find broader meaning to their incredibly resonant tagline of “two gay girls making music for sad people.”