Suhail Salim ’06″Britney Spears, because she’s toxic.”

March Bishop ’08″Counting Crows, cause they’re my favorite band.”

Steve RakoGraduate Student”Audioslave, because Chris Cornell’s voice is more explosive than a supernova.”

Robyn Schwartz ’07Michelle Polley ’07″Usher, because he’s hot, and he knows how to move.”

Daniel Steinberg ’07″Something besides Train.”

Nels Youngborg ’05″‘Tooooool! It’s my all-time favorite band.”

Riseup with Riseman

“I decided to make one for fun — really poor quality — and I put it on my Instagram just to see how people would react," Riseman said.

UR Womens’ Lacrosse trounces Nazareth 17-5

UR’s Womens’ Lacrosse team beat Nazareth University 17–5 on Tuesday at Fauver Stadium.

A reality in fiction: the problem of representation

Oftentimes, rather than embracing femininity as part of who they are, these characters only retain traditionally masculine traits.