In an exciting double-overtime, stroke-off battle, Rochester’s field hockey team conquered SUNY Geneseo 4-3 last Wednesday. Sophomore Kristy Johnson scored all three goals of regulation 70-minute game time to bring the Yellowjackets into double overtime against the Knights. Throughout the game, UR’s 22 penalty corners proved to be their secret weapon. Sophomores Celinda Fletcher and Krista Butler provided Johnson with the assist off a penalty corner 15:53 into the game, while freshmen Kari Plewniak and Alicia Citro did the same at the 9:02 and 12:50 marks, respectively, in the second half. The Yellowjackets battled the Knights through 30 minutes of sudden death overtime. No goals were scored, but Rochester came close with eight shots at goal as the team held Geneseo to zero shots throughout the overtime ordeal. When no winner could be declared, both teams advanced to a stroke-off. Geneseo’s keeper Amanda Carver and freshman Rachel Cahan of the Yellowjackets held their opponents scoreless until the second round, when Butler netted the winning stroke for Rochester to end the 100-minute-plus crusade for the win. Throughout the entire game, Rochester nearly doubled Geneseo’s shots, with 25 to their 13. Cahan made two saves in the first half and was unchallenged until the strokeoff later in the game.Two days later, UR played a double-overtime away game against the Skidmore College Thoroughbreds. Rochester proved less successful, however, emerging with a loss after more than 87 minutes of play. Senior captain Erin Charnow scored Rochester’s only goal, unassisted, to tie the game from behind in the second half. The Yellowjackets entered the second round of overtime still tied at 1-1, but the Thoroughbreds netted their second goal of the game after only two minutes of play to win 2-1. Fletcher, aided by Johnson, Butler, Plewniak, Charnow and sophomore captain Mary DiMatteo, led the offensive attack. Cahan totaled 13 saves.The following day, UR faced defeat against the motivated Union College Dutchwomen, 3-1. Union, who ended their seven-game losing streak on Friday, played with enthusiasm to bring in the win at their home stadium. The Dutchwomen scored the first goal of the game 19:09 into the first half. This was followed by a DiMatteo goal with 8:32 remaining. Sophomore Heidi Davies had the assist. In the second half, Union scored twice more to secure the win. Rochester fell to a 7-6 overall record and 2-3 Liberty League. Rochester’s next game is away at Wells College on Saturday. The Yellowjackets will return to Fauver Stadium to face Ithaca on Wednesday.Anderson can be reached at

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